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Guest » 2am - May 22, 2011
Indian Govt. passed Right to Education bill in 2009, which ensures universal and quality education to children. But still now majority schools in rural India have inadequate facilities and teaching staff. By law every girl students should gets school uniform free of cost. Education is free and books are free in primary level. All students should get free meal which should be nutritious. But these are only claims...in the ground reality you can see what is happening in rural schools. This report was prepared by students of Jahangirabad Media Institute. They were visiting Rampur village to shoot a documentary on weavers. Accidently they saw govt. primary school in the village and its pathetic condition. The shooting team went to record the situation in the school and a havoc erupted among teaching staff. Out of 4 teaching staff only 2 were present. They have good building but it was maintained in bad shape. Anti-social elements use the school premises in the evening and damage the building. No one takes any action or lock the rooms. If this is the situation we are not going to attain universal or quality education in primary level (at least) in near future. After the camera team visited the school the school management came under pressure and tried to improve the situation. The news also spread the near by areas and they are under threat of attack from "Camera Team". It is high time to fight against such criminal approach towards public education system. Media can also play positive role in this attempt.
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