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Guest » 4am - Mar 2, 2011
On Feb 7th 2007 the Intelligence Bureau goons were sent by Sonia Gandhi conducted 'OPERATION BANGLA' in Amethi. They have detained 15 people in the Rahul Gandhi rape case. The goons in the Operation Bangla was made up of mostly Congress goons and some Intelligence staffs. A perfect example of Italian Mafiosi Sonia's Intimidation tactics to kill the truth. Atmosphere in Amethi is grim and filled with tension. Around 80 Congress goons and Intelligence goons from Delhi picked about 20 persons. They claim themselves to be IB personnel. They have rounded up all the individuals who spoke on camera few days back to a Delhi based Journalist regarding the Rape victim Ms.Sukanya Devi .
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Rahul gandhi is madarchod
written by rahul kashyap, November 20, 2012
rahul gandhi is bastered and uska bas chale to uski maa ka bhi rape karde bhosdika, madarchod.

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